Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rock Photo Holders

Wire - I used 18 gauge wire (but would suggest a thicker gauge)
Rocks - as many as you would like to create
Needle Nose pliers

Step One: Wrap the wire underneath the rock and then twist the two ends together at the base.

Step Two: Strighten the wire upwards

Step Three: Curl the wire around a few times to create a spiral at the top.
Step Four: Insert picture!

*(You can also mod podge the stone to make it look wet or slick)

I went out and got a thicker gauge wire, and LOVE the results... see for yourself!


  1. You are so crafty. I'm going to have to try this one. Add a personalized picture and you've got a great gift! You could even paint the rocks.
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    ~Carol & Stacy

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  3. Love it!! And, I've got a whole collection of stones from vacation. Nice!! Now following you from MBC, you can find me at