Monday, September 13, 2010

Buzzing Bee Cake Topper

Well I did it! Here they are... INTRODUCING the Mr. & Mrs. Bee's for the wedding cake! I hit a bump or two in the road, but they turned out ok.

Wooden balls
yellow and black paint
14 gauge wire
tissue paper

1. Drill holes (one on each side) into the wooden balls, these are for the wings to go into.

2. Paint the wooden balls. Start with painting them all yellow. Then Add the stripes, you can go small stripes, or large stripes, your choice. I choose wide. Also add any facial features you would like at this time. I choose to do just little bead eyes.

3. (optional) I sanded the bees down to give them a worn look.

4. Take the wire and bend down the ends to create the "legs" to stick into the wooden ball holes.

5. Cut the tissue paper a tad larger then the shape of the wire. Glue the edge of the wire and a little in the center of the paper. Fold over the edges and press gently. Glue the ends and stick into the holes.

6. Assemble!

{Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bee}

Here is a tally of what is left to do:
1. make bee cake topper (tutorial to come)
2. make fondant hive and bees (pictures posted below)
3. make wedding cake (pictures to come)
4. make table numbers (pictures to come)
5. make table name cards (pictures to come)
6. make 15 rock holders for the table numbers (pictures to come, tutorial already posted)

1 comment:

  1. They turned out so cute. I know you don't want to know this, but I saw a tutorial for something (I can't remember now) and they used coated metal hangers to suspend whatever it was. That would have worked for the bees. I don't know where you get a coated metal hanger these days anyway.

    I love it!
    You are kicking butt on your goals!