Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photo/Art Display Tutorial

There are many takes out there on art displays - here is mine...BG loves looking at photographs. She flaps her cute chubby arms and kicks her yummy legs when we walk by photos displayed around the house. When you let her look at them up close, while saying the name of the individuals in them, she smiles chin to chin and squeals with excitement.

Originally I thought of display photographs in her room in picture frames, but that was a bit too boring. Something fun and girly was more appealing to me. I immediately thought of the art display's that I have seen on blogs and store websites. I decided to make one!

1. Display ends - 3" wooden letters
2. Rope, ribbon or wire - white satin cord ribbon
3. Wooden hooks or hangers - small nailess sawtooth hangers
4. Clothes pins- standard size wooden
5. Wood cut outs - two pre-painted and three bare wood
6. Paint - spray paint, craft paint and interior wall paint
7. Accents for the letters - K&Company Citronella Floral Layered Accents
8. Hot glue gun
9. Nails
10. Tape measure
11. Hammer

12. Poster tack

Step 1 - Paint the wooden letters, wooden cut-outs and wooden clothes pins.

I used white spray paint for the letters because it is simply easier. Craft paint, specifically Memories Scrap booking paint, and interior wall paint, because I didn't have white craft paint on hand, were used to paint the cut-outs and clothes pins.

Step 2 - Attach hooks to wooden letters.

Step 3 - Determine what distance you'd like between the ends and how much sag you'd like in the ribbon. Then tie the ribbon to each letter's hook.

Step 4 - Add embellishments.

Step 5 - Hot glue clothes pins to wooden cut-outs.

Step 6 - Hang letters on wall and put the clothes pins on the ribbon. Oops! Look what happened. The weight of the wooden cut-outs flipped the clothes pin over. Not to worry, poster tack to the rescue!

Step 7 - Put a small ball of poster tack on the back of the clothes pin and adhere to the wall. This will allow for easy adjustment when displaying different sized photos or art pieces.

I am extremely happy with the results! This is the first goal completed off my September list. Off to a good start!

Hope you find this inspiring and helpful. Let me know what you think!