Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts Punctuated.

Thoughts Punctuated. This is the blog of an extremely creative and talented lady named jessie lynn. A recent post has not left me since reading it.

"the inner you.

I’d like to crawl inside and feel the inner you.

I’d like to look through your eyes to see what your sight is set upon when you look forward, what gets caught in it when you look back.
I’d like to feel you ache, when you’ve pushed yourself too far.
I’d like to wander in the beyond of your dark eyelids, when you finally stop to rest.

I want to read your thoughts for a better translation of what pours from your mouth.
I want to taste your sour that’s my sweet and my bitter that’s your blunt.
I want to hear the words that make your ears stop to listen, finally.

No one will ever know you like the way I wish I knew you."

I find these words resonating deeply within my soul. For me this writing feels and sounds familiar to what I have felt and heard in my mind. To truly have an understanding of someone you love, to see clearly, without any doubt, without any obstruction, their true perspective, to feel what they feel - love, sorrow, guilt, joy, anxiety, contentment, to experience what they experience, to know what they have experienced in the past and how that has affected them, molded them, scarred them.

jessie lynn's words are an accurate translation of what I have never articulated. For me, they are profound.

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