Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fondant Bees

So progress has been made... albeit is small progress, but non-the-less progress! The wedding is next weekend and I still have a few things to do:
1. make bee cake topper (tutorial to come)
2. make fondant hive and bees (pictures posted below)
3. make wedding cake (pictures to come)
4. make table numbers (pictures to come)
5. make table name cards (pictures to come)
6. make 15 rock holders for the table numbers (pictures to come, tutorial already posted)

First I broke up my (store bought) fondant into three balls. Then I dyed each ball a different yellow. I was looking for a gradient effect, so the hive will be the darkest and then the bees will get lighter.

Then I rolled out each fondant and used the cookie cutters.

Then I placed them on a sheet, but will be packaging them up in a sealed tight container till next week!

It was very simple, and I am laughing at myself for how nervous I was. Now onto the bee cake toppers!